Mardave Mini rules

Hinckley Mardave Mini Regulations (V1)  03/01/24


*No reverse allowed to be activated on ESC.

*You cannot have anything Carbon Fibre on the car.

*You can only use 4 cell “SUB C” cells (NO LiPo Cells)

 *You can only use a 32dp or 48dp tooth spur gear.

* In line with the Mardave GP Series you are allowed to use 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20 tooth 32dp pinions

* You can only use the Mardave/Mtroniks Ultra Circuit HR3-ESC or HR3-X-ESC.

* Only SPIDER GRIP BLUE tyre additive is allowed

Should you require any more information please contact HRCCC  or Chris Wilkinson at Mardave

Please read and understand the following rules, they are straight forward. We will be checking cars now and then, anyone who tries to circumvent these rules will be asked to abide by the rules or asked to leave.

If you are not sure – ASK

This is a growing class. Hinckley RCCC reserve the right to review and change these rules as required to ensure Simple but fair racing.

The Mardave kits that are allowed are:  Any Mardave Mini Kit.

If you are unsure of the kits you can run at Hinckley RCCC or require any more information, please contact: Hinckley radio controlled car clubs Facebook page or Chris Wilkinson at Mardave on 07796412674 

Mardave also do kits in a bundle with additional items to make up a complete package (All you would need is the paint) If you would like a complete bundle, please contact Mardave where again Chris Wilkinson would be happy to assist you to get the best solution.

Hinckley Mardave Mini Regulations (V1)  03/01/24

1) Cars to be 1/12th scale Mardave Mini.

2) Chassis can be GRP 175mm wheelbase. The chassis may not be modified in any way.

3) V8AL can now be used (this allows longer use of tyres)

4) Only 4 budget servos permitted for use. Futaba S3003, Futaba S-U300, Core RC 4012 or Core RC 9016.

5) Any servo saver & servo mounts may be used.

6) Any track rods, ball cups and balls may be used.

7) Any compound of Contact tyres can be used. Tyres may be trued. Only Single bolt mounting is allowed. NO 3 bolt mounting wheels.

8) Only polycarbonate Mini bodyshells are allowed . Any make of body mounts may be used.

10) Ball races are allowed on front and rear axles.

11) Rear axle must remain solid (No Diffs).

12) Only Mardave Spur gears to be used 48T and 32dp, the Mardave Z-drive system is allowed.

13) In line with the Mardave GP Series you are allowed to use 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20 tooth 32dp pinions.

14) Any strength Mardave suspension springs front or rear may be used.

15) Hinckley RCCC has a Non-Reversing rule, only the Mardave/Mtroniks Ultra Circuit HR3-ESC or HR3-X-ESC are allowed. Any connectors can be used.

16) The only motors we allow are the Core CR711 (21t) . The motor may be fitted to either side of the chassis, providing there is no modification or alteration to the chassis or mounting blocks. Motors must remain unopened.

17) Cars to use four cell battery packs only, cells to be sub-C sized only, with a nominal voltage of 1.2 volts per cell. Cells must be readily identifiable. Only 4.8v Packs to be used, up to a maximum of 5000mAh. (NO LiPo’s)

18) Battery mountings must be original kit.

19) Only Mardave 3D external front bumpers or foam bumpers are allowed. Metal bumpers are NOT allowed.

20) Steel whip aerials and rollover masts are not allowed, however standard ‘straw’ type aerial is permitted.

21) No wings or aerofoils unless supplied by manufacturer for use with the bodyshell. No under body aids are allowed.

22) Only SPIDER GRIP BLUE tyre additive is allowed

23) There should be a minimum ground clearance of 3mm; this is to include, 1mm clearance for spur gear. (If your car is 3mm and still catching the HRCCC committee can request you raise your car at any time to prevent carpet damage)

24) Front wishbones, suspension, and steering axles to remain same as kit supplied. King pin brace may be added.

25) Motor to be directly mounted to the inside face of the pod with no spacers allowed.

26) use any commercially available Mini Style bodyshell. Polycarbonate bodyshells are to be used windows must remain clear.

Optional Parts that are approved for use at Hinckley RCCC :

V20A Z-Drive Alloy Gear adaptor and associated parts. You MUST still only use 48T Delrin Spur.

V8AL STD kit pod side machined to give longer life on rear tyres (Note VRX5GRB must be fitted to use V8AL). VRX5GRB. GRP Pod Base with ball insert.

V6AH – Hardened King Pins.


ASM10 Mini Assassin Mini Rear Twin Body mount.

We will allow the following 3d Printed parts:

Front Castor and Front Ride Height Plates.

Motor Spacer Plate

Any 3D printed part if cleared by Hinckley Radio Controlled Car Club  before use. See below.

If you are unsure about any of the above, please contact Hinckley Radio Controlled Car club’s Facebook Page.



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