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We are a popular club in Hinckley, Leicestershire, that strives to provide a good, fun environment to race various classes of remote controlled car. Whether you’re a beginner, someone who is making a comeback or a highly experienced driver, you’re welcome to attend our Race Meetings. If you’re new and still yet to buy your kit, it’s recommended that you come down to a meeting to watch and talk to our members so that we can point you in the right direction.

Location and times

We race at the Heath Lane Academy located at:-

Heath Lane
Earl Shilton

If racing, you should aim to arrive at 12, midday. Tables and chairs are not provided, please arrange to bring your own. Booking in from around 12.30 with the race fees for 2024 set at £10.00 for members and £12.00 for non members. Club membership (£10.00) is always available either online or at the club. Subject to getting the track set up in good time, there will be a short ‘open practice’ before the meeting starts. We aim to run three rounds of qualifying followed by two legs of finals subject to the number of attendees/heats.


We only race electric RC cars. If you wish to get an idea of how popular each class currently is, you can look at our results page or visit a race meeting during a Saturday.

  • GT12 and GT10
  • Frontie,  2WD Touring car ( 4.5 FDR and 17500 rev limited) 
  • 4WD Touring Car 17.5 (Blinky)
  • 4WD Touring Car 13.5 (Stock and open)
  • 4WD Touring Car Modified
  • 1/12 Circuit
  • Formula 1


A 3 week trial is available to new comers before we require you to become a member of the BRCA, the British Radio Race Car Association ( After this, you will required to present your BRCA membership card to Race Control during booking in. Club membership is treated separately and is not required to race, however, Club membership is £10.00 per year and will allow you to take part and score points in the current championship. The membership form can be downloaded form the front page.

  • Club Membership: (annually) £10
  • BRCA Membership needs to be purchased through the BRCA web site.

The day:


Most people arrive between 11:30 and 12:00 to  setup their tables etc, help to setup the track at the start of the day  is also appreciated.

Booking in

Shortly after the track is set up, Race Control will open booking in. This will be announced over the PA system. Booking is required to race; don’t miss it. You will be asked your name and what class you’re racing. If you’re new we will ask you a few more details such as the crystals you own (if you’re not on 2.4GHz).

We aim to start racing by 13.00

Qualifying and Finals

Not long after booking in closes, Race Control will print a list of everyone booked in. This will tell you what Race and Car Number you are as well as crystal (this may have changed from your chosen one during booking in). Qualifying will consist of 3 or 4 rounds of which your best will decide on your starting position during the one or two finals. The finals are the actual racing. You will be competing against the drivers of your final for points.

Packing away

At the end of the meeting, help packing the track away is much appreciated and can be done in a very short amount of time with lots of help.

The Committee

  • Chairman – Chris Forrest
  • Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Vice Chairman – Roger Cosgrove
  • Secretary – Ian Smith
  • Webmaster – Benjamin McQueen / Chris Forrest
  • Competition Secretaries –  Ben Cosgrove

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