Classes Raced and Rules

At HRCCC you can race any of the following classes of electric scale race cars:

Touring Cars

 (ALL MOTOR CLASSES) As per BRCA rules, with the exception that any commercially available motor, battery, body shell and slick rubber tyres can be used. Motor classes will be as per the current BRCA series.

Frontie (February 2024 onwards)

As per the main indoor series, (EWS, Rug Racers and MICC) we will run a fixed FDR of 4.500 or higher, ( i.e. 4.507 which is 102×43 on a car with an internal ratio of 1.9 ). The RPM limit is 17500 set on the speed controller, (indicated by one red and four green flashing lights when when the car and transmitter are switched on).

Tyres should be the 2023 onwards Ride belted tread tyres.   Code: RI-26074 (MB white wheels) or RI-26073 (Silver, White or Black wheels)

The BRCA specification of 15000 RPM and open gearing is also allowed. However these cars may be placed in a different race to the 4.5 FDR cars. This will be determined by the race director on the day when “booking in”.   


 As per BRCA rules, with the exception that any commercially available motor, battery, body shell or speed controller can be used. Motors – 13.5t in ’blinky’ mode, battery will be 1s. The use of any other motor or any use of turbo / boost on the esc will be classed as modified. There will be a limit of 13.5 blinky for all club indoor events.

Mardave Mini: 

Please see the “Mini Mardave” menu for the rules (HERE)

 LMP 12 and WGT10:

 As per BRCA rules, with the exception of any commercially available motor and battery can be used.

Formula 1:

As per BRCA rules 21.5t Motors, 2s Lipo batteries, ‘Blinky’ ESC

Tamiya Mini:

Stock mini class Motors; 21.5 brushless or 27t brushed to allow for a steady and controlled pace. Any available rubber tyre (Mini Pin tyres are not permitted).. Hop-ups will be allowed.

Tamiya ‘M’ chassis;

type with front or rear wheel drive only. Motors will be brushed; sealed silver can type motors, with a wind of no lower than 20 turns.


 This class is aimed at the junior / beginner in RC racing. The car may be any 1/14, 1/12, 1/10 vehicle. Advisory only – motors should be of a high wind, e.g. 21.5 brushless, 27t brushed


HRCCC has a maximum charge rate of 20 Amps in the school,  all other LIPO rules are as per the BRCA  guidance. 


The club rules may be amended at any time by the committee subject to the rules as laid out under committee above. The constitution can only be changed at the AGM or any EGM.


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