Bedworth members new rules

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Bedworth members new rules

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Right as promised the committee have today met to decide the best way forward regards membership and track access/practice, we were all in agreement that it could not go on as was now the track is fenced in so the following are some slight alterations (as apposed to new)to our existing rules.

Memebership = membership is open to all that want to race at Bedworth (note the word race)to get membership you will be required to race with us 3 times before membership is granted (gives us chance to see you, and you to see whether the club is for you)please note the membership form has been altered and now includes the following sentence " membership of Bedworth does NOT garuntee access to the track outside of race days or the indoor pits on race days (the indoor pits will only be open on race days)"
We think this fair ? first we have very limited indoor pitting space, we would expect as a new member that you would not expect a place over someone who may have been in the club for years and has put a lot into the club, on track access this also stops someone joining just for access to the track.

You will see that it has been agreed that the indoor pits will only be open on race days, this is a masive investment for the club and to have it open all the time to all and sundry would not be in the clubs interest.

Practice, a key will be kept at FTD Models for members who may wish to go down for the odd practice (again please read the membership form eg membership does not garuntee access to the track outside of race days) as a member you will sign for the key and except full responsability for it, for making sure while you are there non members are not alowed on the track, to make sure the gates are locked and you return the key.
This way we know who has been down practicing and yes who to blame if the gate is left open

On practice for non members we are now in the summer season with wednesday evening racing every week, the summer series every other week (about 30 meetings in total) on wednesdays the track will as a general rule be open from about 2.30/3pm we dont think any more is required, if a non members wants to come down on a wednesday afternoon you will be charged £5 to £10 for the use of the track which again seems fair.
There may be the other odd practice day which will be anounced on here or facebook, again the fee will be £5 to £10 depending on the duration of the sesion, indoor pits, electic etc will not be available, you will need 12v power (generators are not allowed at Bedworth except at nationals)again this is how its always been nthing has changed there.

To sumerise, if you want to race at Bedworth you can member or not (BRCA required) if you want to join one of the best clubs in the country we will welcome you.
Non members wanting to just use the track and never race will be able to but find it very very limited as it is with all clubs (not allowed at the Cotswolds at all)
Members wanting to practice can, we are sorry its now a bit more dificult but hope you understand why we have fenced the track, this is at the end of the day your property and we the committee feel this the best way to protect it from bikes, scateboards, yobs etc etc.

On the up side we hope this will allow us before the winter to replace the rostrum roof, removed to keep the vandals from using it as a meeting place.

PS for members just renewing last years memebership will not be kept to the 3 race meets rule (you already race with us

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