Help: Making a poll

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Help: Making a poll

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At some stage, you may want to make a poll. For example, "What car do you own?" and list popular cars that people can select and vote.

Step 1 - Start a new topic or edit one of your topics

Step 2 - Click the Poll creation tab at the bottom of the page

I think this bit is self explanatory.
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Step 3 - Preview and check your work

If you ever want to delete your poll and keep your message, edit your post, click the poll creation tab again and click the delete poll tickbox followed by submit.
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Do not remove you poll by backspacing the question and answers as due to a bug, will cause problems if you re-enter a questions and answers when editing for a 2nd time. You'll get the question and answers repeated several times upon posting. This can be fixed by ticking the delete poll option when editing that i mentioned earlier. This will not affect most of you making polls so if you don't know what I'm rambling on about, don't worry or let it put you off. :)

I hope you find this feature useful.

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