Setting Up Diff and Slipper Help

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Setting Up Diff and Slipper Help

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After this weekend's fantastic weather for racing my new X6. Nice to see some new faces amongst the crowd. My X6's handling was dreadful in the last final and I found out that that I had no rebound on the rear of my car. I kept looping out in all the corners. Low and behold someone said it looks like you have a bent shock. So, I ordered all new shafts...a few for back up. Well, I took the shocks off and they were not bent and still there was no rebound. Ahhh...guess what? I installed the aluminum hop-up 4 deg toe in thingy on the back end right before I raced on Sat and did not check if there was any binding in the suspension. So, I sanded the spacers down a little and now the suspension moves freely. Phew! That was it.

During the day I showed some people my car and they ALL immediately spun the diff to see the feel. That must be what you guys do to see if someone has built there car to a HIGH standard. Everyone seemed to do the same with my touring car. Well, mine felt pretty good at the start of the day but I never checked it through the day. Dumb me, and that is one of the things they say in the manual. "Check diff after first run." Last night I felt it and it was so notchy and felt like it had dirt or something in it. That explains that grinding noise I had on accelleration on a few corners. Not checking it again and not having the slipper slipping destroyed the diff balls. So, I have ordered Ceramic diff balls and thrust balls which will hopefully come in today.

Now, I think I blew my diff because I stupidly never set the slipper nor check the diff after first race. Mine slipped zilch from start but I know it must slip some. I was just a bit too excited about racing a new car that I forgot the basics.

Jayst, thanks for all your help with tips on setting up my touring car. I take it that same thing goes for off-road diffs. Some sanding of the diff plates, right?

1. What are you looking for to know that you have set the diff up correctly in an off-road 2wd buggy? and...
2. How long should the slipper slip when on a day like we had this past Saturday?

Thanks again to all that helped me out this weekend. And thanks to who ever that was that saved me with one of their spare bolts.


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